March 19th, 2004


Self-control failing

The day before yesterday, partly inspired by my relationship with amazon I decided to do some phoning around about cameras. I discovered there was stock at a shop in my parent's home town - where I was due to visit.

I had half-a-notion about getting there before the shop shut, and just going to look. Fortunately I was saved by having a late meeting called which meant that I didn't get there until 7pm.

Now today I'm in London. Around the corner is a camera shop. They have the camera I want. The downside is it is £80 more expensive than amazon. I could wait. I should wait. I don't need it today/at all (if you're quondam - as it's not a £300 ski jacket).

So, I need help. And when I need help I talk to my public. Yes - it's poll-time!!!

Poll #265411 Camera-pr0n

Should I buy the camera?

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