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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
I am clearly too susceptible to popular culture, and the media.

The night before last I dreamt about a zombie/werewolf crossover world which clearly owed a lot to ShDawn of the Dead and Underworld (though the delightful Ms Beckinsale was absent); then last night was Matrix induced though it did have lupercal in it and was mostly set in my parent's house.

My memorable dream of the weekend was of being in a lunatic asylum with The Pennington as the Doctor. This was bad in so many ways.

Yesterday I also started watching Shogun. It made me want to play a badger.It's aged a bit, but is pretty good still, and stars John Rhys-Davies as Brian Blessed ("Inglese!" he booms to Richard Chamberlain - whose Blackthorne was a role model to Kevin Costner in RH:PoT). Some of the cuts are a bit shoddy, and the first scene sets the tone with a flyby of a lovely boat - complete with helicopter shadow on the ocean. In the tradition of other mini-series of its era the supporting cast is highly recognisable - with Sgt Cryer from the Bill and that-bloke-from-the-Drirect-Line-Home-Insurance-ads who gets to test his full range of RADA skills while being boiled alive. There are however, some fantastically menacing Jesuits, who reminded me of Philip Pullman's finest, though in bright orange rather than purple.

Enough for now. I've wasted an hour of work already on this and updating my MP3 player.

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