April 21st, 2004


... and cancel christmas!

Remember kids - never trust hairdressers.

I was hoping that after a hard day of work I could relax and write LJ about "Not in my backyard" residents of the Waterside near Southampton; or intelligent comments on the pro-life/abortion debate after catching a bit of the Channel 4 documentary last night.

But no, my life, which was going so well, has just become hugely traumatic.

The time before last I visited the parental units I had my hair TRIMMED. This involved having varying amounts of straggly hair removed from my back, and left me with "long-ish hair" but neater.

Today I tried the same. Only the hairdresser has clearly had too much of their stimulant of choice. And they have gone overboard.

I'm entering shock. And just before Whitby too. I seem to have really quite sensible length hair. If it were someone else I would hoot with derision, but instead I'm contemplating clippers, bleach or simply hiding for the next six months.

If nothing else this had better reset the bloody karma-meter...
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