May 9th, 2004


Can I stop yet?

A fantastic weekend, travel to York and back ended on an exceptionally high note when the train home was early arriving - who says artificially extending the timetables doesn't have a benefit?!

Highlight of the weekend was definitely ant_girl's fantastic performance at St Mary's, Hemingbrough (not my picture) - the acoustics of toilets might be good, but the church was better. Also, special thanks to mister_ed for driving, and I'd like to state here that I tried to give accurate directions, but it's hard to do that while having my eyes closed and hiding behind my hands. Other times of note were a brief nose into Darklands and managing to visit Jessops and spend less than £20 (though I just made up for that online).

Anyway, enough frivolity as I'm pretty tired. Needless to say I've had fun, and probably still am the happiest man in the universe, and girly-tea is an excellent, and educational, way to spend a Sunday afternoon

I've just finished uploading my entry to Liz's Photo Competition - see the entries, thanks to surje - at I especially like surje's Shipwreck. All this after I actually managed a weekend without the a camera (ignoring my phone which I only used twice to take photos!), though I did have to buy a sketchpad and use that.