May 21st, 2004


This job

... has its perks.

Despite having to spend the weekend tidying (again) in order to fit a desk in on Monday, today has been a good day. I've been to Oldbury, bus-train-bus, and despite the most unhelpful woman in the world at the ticket desk in New Street and a loooong delay at Sandwell and Dudley on the way back I feel energised by a bit of exercise and a bowl of Ice Cream.

Despite a very dull day training I have had three clarifications about my job:
  • I should claim car mileage for cycling (which I'm not sure I'm going to do)

  • Instead of paying for my home network connection (which is £25 a month) they have agreed to pay £25 a month towards my connectivity - so I've promptly upgraded to Telewest's 2Mbps service. Which, because of their "extra 50% free" offer means soon I will have 3Mbps of Internet coming into the lounge. A tad excessive? Perhaps; Nominally more than a FE College? Definitely!

  • Paying for 50% of the OU course I want is approved. Probably won't start until November but this is both a good thing, and "goodbye" to all my free time for another 12 months.
Also, have confirmed I can take my camera to the SBA gig next Wednesday - which should be good - especially if I actually get there from Swansea...

Figaro was good last night, not the strongest performance of Opera I've seen, but enjoyable and nice to see everyone. Finally, in case people don't know - ephraim has passed on his HDM ticket, and boglin is coming instead in order not to let lupercal get out of her sight (except when he's at work and teenagers with guns separate them).
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