May 27th, 2004



Over the couple of days I've spent a lot of time in hotels and on trains. This leaves me mostly tired, and to cap it all when I arrive at my London day they've not got anything for me to do. Thankfully I have LJ, webmail and a hundred or so photos from the SBA gig last night to look at.

At some point during my Birmingham > Cardiff > Swansea > London of the past two days, my brother sent me the email below. If you're at all interested, or just being nice, please sign up!

Proper update, erm, sometime!

Afternoon all,

For those of you that don't know, our company is launching a broadband
television channel devoted entirely to rock and metal music. the url is

There are no videos up there at the moment, but the channel will launch on
Tuesday 1st June, and we need to get as many people registered on the site
as possible to make it more attractive to advertisers.

Thus, I would appreciate it if you could visit the site, click on the
REGISTER tab at the top right of the page and submit your email address. You
will then automatically be sent an email from which you
will need to open and click on the hyperlink. It's very easy, and I would be
extremely grateful if you could spare the time. It will take no more than 60
seconds as long as you are not completely dumb...ahem...

In return I will personally send you about 1 email a month (no more I
promise) telling you what we've got coming up on the channel. Obviously you
can just delete it if you are not into that kind of music - that's most of
you I guess...

Thanks a lot in advance (remember I can see whether you have registered or
not, so don't let me down...)

And above all else: TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!