June 9th, 2004


Last minute calls...

After a couple of days of the promoters/venue being crap and not returning calls, last night at 6pm I got approval for a photo-pass for Queensryche at the Wulfrun Hall.


Needless to say after standing around like a lemon not quite sure what to do, I had an incredible "three songs, no flash" literally pointing my camera up the nose of the band. It's such an incredible experience being sandwiched between (admittedly with the help of security guards and a big metal barrier) 700 baying, sweaty fans and their idols. There were three of us shooting - myself, a chap who does twenty-million rock-journalism related jobs and Marshall Amps Official UK Photographer (what a job!).

I only ran off 60-odd images (one card) using the same lens - and will put some of the results up in the next week or so. Probably as exciting as the band was having a nice chat with one of the other photographers who was very helpful, and promised to stay in touch and help me get passes again in the future. Bring on the next gig!

Even the fact I was up working until 12:45 on my return can't ruin it!

Two quick camera dumps behind the cut. Collapse )