June 23rd, 2004



After all the debate raging in some corners of my friends list about their journals I've decided to tackle the topic straight ahead and tell you all about my trip to Alton Towers.

It was fun, once I'd woken up - which was somewhere around the first trip on Air, while I was upside down staring at the sky. Other highlights include Oblivion twice (each time just as scary as the last) and Spinball Whizzer (the car goes one way dictated by the rail, the people in the car rotate round in some high-speed teacup experience). All in all big "shouts out to the posse".

To be slightly serious - I write my journal for a number of reasons and for a varying number of people, however it will always remain very self-centred and I make no promises to let anyone else effect either the content, behaviour, style or nature of the journal. To me "Friends" is a term of great breadth. It's a set of bookmarks rather than a definition of status, though in some cases the presence of a name on the list might imply some relationship, interest in some kind of relationship, simply that you make me laugh or I'm interested in who you are and what you have to say. If you want to know which then talk to me. If you want to read more into it then your mistake.

London tomorrow - brief gap between "Work" and "RAWK". Anyone bored enough to be interested in coffee/... in Westminster/Camden areas?
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