July 8th, 2004


Mostly amused

This is a hard life. After worry it seems I've sorted KMFDM tonight - which should be fun; and have a laptop stuffed with images of Acey Slade and the other acts I saw on Tuesday. Not a bad gig, and with an audience pretty much entirely comprising 14 year old jailbait hoping for a piece of the man (who was fronting his band, but in another life is in Murderdolls).

Three days in London has taken its toll in other ways - my nose is full of black snot - which I seem to recall means my respiratory system is working properly; I feel dirty and I'm tired. Eta back in Birmingham - 2am...

I've snuck into the detonator.tv editing suite where the boys are hard at work editing a "My Ruin" video. This is especially amusing because although they had two cameras, they got the sound fed from the desk. So they have no crowd noise. In order to replace this they are splicing in crowd noise from other gigs that sound like they were done in a stadium. This has an amusing effect as you might guess.

Need more caffeine and sense I'm going to be kicked out soon!

Oh - and the interests thing amuses me... Collapse )
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