September 3rd, 2004


Infest, Part the First

It's taken me almost a week to prune down the 800 photos I took down into something more manageable, and the links are below.

The weekend itself was very up and down. I seemed to want to be ~out~ more than my companions - who had other distractions, and this left me feeling quite lonely on occasions. A situation a partially remedied by taking a book out on the Sunday. Not the done thing for music festivals though so I'm told. Still, at times I was saved by the presence of the York Massive who continue to prove to be lovely people, going climbing with john_hat and meeting some people through him (though no random lj links I'm afraid since I might even have been slack enough not to ask - help John?).

Not sure what to do next year - I guess see who else is interested/attending and try and "integrate" a bit more actively. Also, of course, come back wanting to diet and sort my hair out - but that's just usual ;-)

The music was varied and mostly interesting - with a marked personal preference for "songs with vocal tracks", however I appreciate that as the only drugs I was on were three cans of Coke over three days I might not have been the actual target audience. However, certainly on Saturday and Sunday I managed to finish "work", dump the camera and have a dance. And skirts, yes, skirts are good. Like skirts. Very much.

This week I've done other stuff, but I'll play more catch-up later.
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