September 29th, 2004


Good News, Bad News

Firstly, Hero last night was fun. Ruined to some extent by the presence of the most-annoying-c*nts-in-the-universe who literally talked through the entire film, but still emerged as a lovely and mostly beautiful exercise in communist propaganda and use of primary colour.

Then unfortunately I lost my wallet. No idea where or when - I had it when I paid for the tickets, I didn't have it this morning when I tried to buy ruana1 a birthday present. Arse.

So, cards have been cancelled and I'm out of pocket (worst case) £19 for a driving license, and £10 in cash. I need a wallet with a chain - I really, really do. Gifts appreciated :-)

Finally a bit of good news. After spending most of yesterday arguing with the Slipknot management trying to get a photopass (without any joy) one quick email to the Slayer management and I have a pass to the very same gig. So I shall go to the ball! (With earplugs in of course).