October 8th, 2004


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After descending to the pop-depths of Avril Lavigne on Monday it was off to the NIA again on Tuesday for a noisier gig - the Unholy Alliance of Slipknot and Slayer supported by Hatebreed and someone else. Slayer were polished and watchable; Hatebreed I missed but had seen before and was ambivalent at best; and Slipknot were a group of young men with more energy and anger than talent and polish.

Some pics behind the cut, and full sets at:

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On Monday they did very well - providing me with tickets and a press pass, but on Tuesday there was a pass but no tickets - leaving me with a barely functional quondam in tow and no-way of getting her into the gig. Fortunately once I introduced  the door staff to the idea of "contacting the tour manager downstairs" we were rewarded with a couple of standing tickets - go us!

quondam interpreted this as a "laying down" ticket, but each to their own... so it was off to the front to brave the noisy metallers.

The rest of the week has mainly involved cats. (See - I resisted a poor-pussy-pun). There is Velvet (the evil cat who shits on the carpet a lot when Danandanne go away; Tabu (the lovely cat who is always very pleasant, if a bit heavy) and Bryon and Shelley (who are both very pretty and mellow cats, though how they'll cope with the nicotine withdrawl I have no idea).

Today I obtained tickets for PWEI's Sunday gig here in Brum and went to the Ski & Snowboarding Show. Tragically my credit card came with me and talked me into buying ski boots. Now, it makes sense that I get these, given the amount I plan to go - but still...

And finally the weekend coming. I'll either be visiting berrega tomorrow, or going to SNFNGS. The former sounds like fun, but I'm a bit sickey-boo so I'm not sure I'd last out a nightclub. Therefore in a spirit of decision making I've put the decision off until tomorrow. Easily done.