December 3rd, 2004


[GPP] Prodigy - Liam who?

Well, about 150 photos of the Prodigy and not a single half-decent one of Liam who spent all evening on a raised platform hiding behind some Macs. This technically contains the three main members of the band as you can see a corner of Liams head in the background.

Still, while the online examples might look a bit grainy - this is mostly down to my self-imposed 50k size limit for online images - these really kick ass. I'm very very happy. Which explains why I'm up past 3am again getting them online.

Of course, with the terms of the contract I can't "publish" these, so if you're offended don't look; and indeed if you are looking in any other capacity than as an interested critical friend then please don't click on the cut link below. The portfolio page may or may not be at

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