December 9th, 2004


Dreams of Fatherhood

Oh well, looks like my dreams of fatherhood might be over - for another reason - First it was mobile phones in my trouser pockets trying to give me testicular cancer, now it's overheating gonads.


Yesterday reminded me why I dislike travel - I spent most of the days meeting so tired I wasn't even able enough to rabble rouse, then go exposed to "nasty grotty kids" on the train out of Maidstone (the kind you want to fall under the train with the recoil from their spitting on other kids) and finally huge numbers of young-lahdees getting on at Birmingham International from the Clothes Show Live. Yeurch. I never want to be a teenage girl.

Then it was off to the investigatory team, cutting their way through the mystery surrouding the Chinese Take-away business. One of us got to cut up dead bodies, one got to interrogate a young girl with a mysterious fear of corners and one got to go through the bins at the back of a restuarant. Guess which one was me....

Anyhow - day on the road today so I'd best stop procrastinating shortly. Considering Dresden Dolls this evening but will probably stay in and work; but am confirmed to do Dark Xmas on Sunday in the Big Smoke - anyone else going?
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