December 13th, 2004


Norwich, and beyond

Matt described Norwich as something akin to a spa town - where one goes to rest and relax. I can kinda see that - there's an odd pace of life, and a very solid group of friends who also manage to be inviting. Into that we brought ~mathematics~.

Rather than risk seeing the results of that corruption I pootled off into London, passing through places that were just legends to me - such as Diss, Stowmarket and Shenfield; though when the train hit Ilford I felt rather more settled and I have vague memories of driving a white van around parts of Colchester. Interestingly that line is clearly where old Intercity trains go to die - I've not seen a carriage like that for many years.

After a dash across London I got to Dark Xmas. To me it looked unfairly badly attended - considering an interesting line-up, but at least there were people there I new - a quick wave to feanelwa, conversations with godgirl, minusbat and a couple of lovely people who apparently know gaius_octavian who I vaguely recognised from Rathaus. EDIT: Apparently this was steveandabigail.

So, in order to offend the maximum amount of people - potted reviews:
  • The Ghost of Lemora: Don't do a lot for me - though for some reason I keep seeing them...

  • Swarf: I liked. I wasn't set on fire but I was almost tempted to get a CD. I should investigate further.

  • Manuskript: I appreciate what they're doing, technically they're good - but a bit too ironic at times for my taste.

  • Inertia: Again, I'm not sure what I think. On paper I probably should like them, and there were definitely moments but I'm left unsure. I know, I should probably get a CD.

  • Leech Woman: Only had literally 5 minutes before I had to run for the train so I only caught the start. Noise, noise and noise. I certainly didn't hear any melody. Promising ;-) Not enough to get an opinion really, but for the brief time I was there I was glad to have earplugs.
Pics soon. I have taken too many, again.

Oh, anyone want a lift from Birmingham to NMA in Manchester (and back) on Thursday?

Semi-Random Musings

BSG had an odd episode tonight - and became even more soap-opera than usual (strange considering the higher-than-average Viper content). There was however some superb direction/cinematography where Number Six and Baltar were talking to Colonel and Mrs Tigh. The way that Number Six literally faded from view using "good photography" rather than "good sfx" - magnificent.

I was also reminded of an incident on my train home last night from London. This wasn't quite the weirdo's express (that is the following, last train) as one could tell from the way the conductor actually left First Class to check tickets. A chirpy voice came over the tannoy just after Watford "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen I am Zeus your buffet steward for the journey". Clearly he's bored of having the piss extracted and put his own emphasis on the word. Needless to say I was suitably intimidated not to try and order Ambrosia from his concession. Made me smile and think of Gaiman, much as I do most times I look at a tube map.

Human League seems to be in the bag for Sunday, and NMA have gone quiet but will hopefully we back to business shortly. Then I'm ratsitting for the week (cute company welcome ;-)) though having extracted an escaped rat from the kitchen this morning after she'd been AWOL all night doesn't leave me incredibly optimistic of an easy week.

Photos from last night still being done, though I've finished the Manuskript set there are plenty more to do...

EDIT: Apparently it's funnier if I make it clear that the rat was in the kitchen cupboard nesting amongst BBQ tools and carrier bags rather than having a nap in the middle of the floor.