December 20th, 2004


& Nonsense?

Ice and snow (ok, frost) have been navigated, and package dropped at airport to fly off, then time enough to pick up a gift from Secret Santa on the return leg through the city centre.

Spending some time in the car in the morning is a chance to catch up with Radio 4 - where I caught a piece on local news - the drama over the drama at the Rep. Despite Radio 4 finding pundits who hadn't seen the play (the Anglican Bishop of Birmingham and Hanif Kureshi), it reminded me how annoyed I was when I first heard about the fuss, what wonderful publicity this is for the play, and wondering what kind of nanny state is being encouraged where we're kept "safe" from fiction. Still, I suppose if the great and the good are there to ensure we're only exposed to material of good moral fibre then I need to think less.

Human League last night was ok - nothing spectacular. I'm not sure whether Phil Oakey can't actually sing, or was simply exhausted by the tour - that being the last night. Still I might just be bitter we didn't get Louise... Photos and review soon.

And finally, this has been freebies week. I've had a Blues CD from Giles (who I shot with Marcus Malone a while back); and a CD from GLASS who played at Whitby. Woo! The perks of fame...