December 22nd, 2004


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Late than never better?

"Put your player on Random, & pick your favourite line from each of the 1st 10 songs. Post the lyrics & cross them off as people guess them correctly. No sneaky using google."

  1. Niemals schlafen! Alles Lügen! Staubiges Vergnügen!maddave

  2. Or do I trust nobody and live in loneliness?fluffyvix

  3. Your faith for bricks and dreams for mortarmrph

  4. And promise me they will never see, the fear within our eyesmrph

  5. I just sold two million records, I don't need to go to jailfluffyvix

  6. Re chamma chamma baaje re meri paejaniyaannyarbaggytep

  7. There's a stormlamp on the tablewinterdrake

  8. That's the call that's the game and the pain stays the samesablednah

  9. Eckstein Eckstein alles muss versteckt seinbondablecorpse

  10. Tick tock tick tock madness comes tonightmrph
I found three with no lyrics in my actual first ten.