March 16th, 2005


Slopes Update - Day 4

Today the club reps were ill. The jury is out as to whether this had anything to do with it being the Drinks Party last night.

So, instead a group of reprobates together decided to go to Italy. This was easier than it sounds - you get lifts up a mountain, turn left and then you're in Italy. Easy as that. It's best to pack a passport in case the lifts back up stop and you have to get a hotel.

The skiing there was mostly pretty easy, and required skills included staying awake on Button lifts and avoiding patches of grass.

Other than that, I did have a little sit down after carving down a slope quite fast and not quite managing to stop in time. In a service to humanity (?) I hit a snow wall and took off rather than knock quondam down the slope. I was kinda tempted in retrospect though - she was so rude to me at lunch that our companions suggest I "spank her botty". I smiled innocently rather than choke on my cheese.

Oh, and here's a vaguely arty take on some famous mountain here.

Tomorrow is the "Advanced day" - a good chance to hurt myself methinks.