March 20th, 2005


Stop the Gravy Train - I want to get off!

So, what's the best thing to do when you get back from a holiday? Go out and listen to some music of course!

Mostly to support the local scene (how much damage has that attitude caused I wonder?), rather than wallow in next year's brochure it was a quick pit-stop at the Chinese then off to Zombified to see Zombina-and-the-Skeletones and some-other-crap-band. I started off a bit tired but on a coffee-bounce was able to remain perky for the couple of hours I was out. Acapella moment below:

This morning I woke up. Well, I kinda woke up - but am still in a cloudy daze really. Shuffled my way around the Outdoor Show and picked up brochures for Manfrotto Tripods (mmm, camera porn) and Orkney (short break soon I think), then ate some more Chinese in an effort to get some energy together. This has been partly achieved, but I've cried off uberredfraggle's kind arrangement of a pass to a gig in Oxford tonight as I'm not sure I'd last the drive.

Onwards and upwards. Though over lunch I was reminded what I've learned on holiday this year:

  • How I can now differentiate between different types of avalanches, and they all kill you

  • If they don't kill you piss yourself as it's easier for the dogs to find you

  • The "Recco" tags in jackets these days help to "find a dead body" rather than "find a living body" in practice

  • If the oxygen masks drop from the ceiling during the pre-flight checks simply use a bit of parcel tape to hold them up in the ceiling

  • Cabin crew on the ground seem to wear heels. On a safety video I was told "take off high heels before using an escape slide". Should the captain announce "Cabin Crew - Heels for Landing" to help them?