March 31st, 2005



I've kinda put off photo-processing until I have a decent back-up of my existing stuff. I thought about DVDs - but making two copies over over 200GB of data sounded like a very dull way to spend a day.

However, now I have two shiny new 200GB drives. I can put a backup set on one; duplicate it; give one to the parental unit and have the other as my backup/archive here. I can't see any other way to do it at the moment - though this looks handy. Someone tell me a better way - go on - ruin my day.

Two or three gigs next week hopefully, thus increasing the backlog.

Oh, I seem to remember going to an LRP event. It was ok - and the post event ~debates~ are more stressful than any part of four days camping. This weekend is an OU residential which promises to be tedious - even before I do the pre-residential reading.

Back to normal soon. I think.

Arrived on the doormat: Blutengel - Demon Kiss, Blutengel - Angel Dust, Snow In China - Electromensch