May 6th, 2005


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I came (to the voting station, via the gym, then on to pax_draconis's place to be a cat-bed for the night watching the election results with ephraim)
I saw (the media circus surrounding Tony Blair, and missed holaholaamigos on TV - due to "him not being on TV" rather than "me being out the room!)
I voted (at about 9pm last night, for Lib Dems. I notice Lynne still has an almost 10,000 majority so she was hardly going to be a threat, but it's nice to see a slightly more rounded commons taking shape).

Now, if I stay awake until lunchtime I can nap in the afternoon. I wonder if that will work...


Well I have just completed my first home to world video conference. This is important not just because I've managed to do it, but that I managed to do it while being half asleep and dressed properly only from the waist up.

Small things etc.

In other news I was reminded by childeric's journal of one of the highlights of last night - Jeremy Paxman vs George Galloway. Made me giggle anyway, and while Paxman might be a rude sod, at least he's equally rude to everyone and you know as tough as he is on you, he'll do the same to your opponents.

EDIT: Transcript follows Collapse )

Also, in the post today I was reminded that I ordered the wrong lead yesterday while online shopping. Damnit. Must pay more attention in the future.

Finally about the election (and I think that might even be true), here's some historical electron coverage of holaholaamigos's campaign. Notably mainly for the "goth striking pose in front of limo" photograph that I'm sure did his campaign no good at all. I believe these are from the local Student Rag.

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