May 17th, 2005


Therapy for Life?

Life is all getting a bit much at the moment - as there are far more balls in the air than I can thing of juggling. Obviously the best thing to do is drop some...

So, I'm pretty much resigned to not going to visit the Luvvies on Saturday. This of course means I miss one of Neil's Birthday Parties again despite having really hoped to get there. Still, I might manage to get an extension on my OU panic, but it's unlikely as the tutor is on holiday. I am of course partly tempted to fail it deliberately on the basis I don't need a very high score - and indeed if I get only the minimum threshold on the project and exam I've passed the course already. It's not the travel, it's the loss of half of Sunday in addition to the Saturday night itself. Oh well - perhaps next year.

I am however determined to allow myself some fun, and assuming the cat gets off my lap, I'm considering on Friday - anyone else interested? 40s clothes, not-Eddies - what more can anyone want??

As regular readers might know, I am currently house-sitting. This seems to mostly involve being a bed for a sulky cat. Said feline is currently on a 11pm curfew so spends his evenings demanding I move the laptop from my lap and demanding I don't go to bed. He is however also a great alarm clock - the other day when I woke up he was staring at me, and this morning he decided that as I had my eyes open I was fair game and walked up and down on my chest until I crawled out from unfer the duvet.

So sign up for the burlesque and if you see me online tell me I should be working...
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