May 23rd, 2005


[GPP] Update

Couple of sets of Photos just added.

Firstly Diamond Rendezvous from last Friday. The link below takes you to the Index Page. Act Five and Act Six involve nipple tassles so might be considered NWS.

Secondly a large chunk of LRP photos from Maelstrom last weekend.

The backlog is still huge - with pics in the pipeline going back months - Nightwish Tristania, Faetal, Misnomer, Zombina, The October Country, EN, British Sea Power and Moby.

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News Update

I should probably put a big "on-strike" notice up, but instead I'm going to tell you what I've been up to.Collapse )

Tomorrow I have a trip to London, then on to Southampton for the (Tuesday) evening; then back to London and Birmingham on Wednesday. During the visit I will drag my father kicking and screaming into the Internet age with his exciting new broadband - then perhaps find time for a wee drinkie if anyone in Southampton/Winchester is up for it??

Feel free to txt me - phone number is at
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