May 26th, 2005


Star Wars, Again

Much better than the first time.

I think this is because the first time you "see a film where you know the story/key events" then things can drag as much other content is considered filler, and there's a desire to know "How you get from A to B" rather than enjoying "the passage from A to B". At least, that's my thinking. Subsequently nothing is a surprise, so the journey is more exciting.
Oh, and learning when to put ones fingers in ones ears makes much of the dialogue much better. Action-FingersInEars-Action-FingersInEars-(repeat until the "Noooooooooooooo!").

Also, watching films in conjunction with thinking about photography (big surprise there eh!) has gotten me thinking about studio shots, and seeing them as "stills from a film/story" that need directing rather than just observing. Of course I'm reminded about dreamfire calling me an observer (self-fulfilling prophesy) and of Vogue (via kantti). No wonder there is no space in my head for anything useful.

Looking forward to NMA this weekend, and a bit of dancin' on the side perhaps.