June 2nd, 2005


Spare me 5 minutes guvn'r?

As part of an incremental development process and with the help of expert professionals (well, kingandy and berrega) I've been redesigning my website to make it less pretentious and in general a bit "leaner".

I thought it sensible to pause now and ask for some opinions/comments especially on screensizes and browser compatibility. I've listed points as questions, but I'm not going to do a poll rather encourage free-text answers.
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I'd like to thank...

Firstly thanks to those who made some input to this morning's post. I'm going to take an amount of it on board and probably come back with more stuff later on.

Secondly, any of you who are passionate about alternative and underground music can do worse than look here and consider signing up. You're pretty much all opinionated people who can write - so no excuses.

Finally, I'd like to thank the college hosting today's seminar. The sandwiches may be limp and pathetic, but the desserts and the WLAN are great.

Today I also had first proper use of the little computer/odometer/speedometer I fitted to my bicycle. Apparently I go ~quite fast~ which is nice to know - I even managed to speed in a 20mph limit earlier and refuse to feel guilty. Expect constant, tedious updates about my cycle-related exploits - a bit of tech goes a long way in encouraging enthusiasm, and I feel even practical after managing to untangle the chain that had managed to wrap itself twice around the pedal without resorting to expert help. I just hope the wheel doesn't fall off at an inconvinient moment.

Tonight I'm off to see Alabama 3 in Nottingham. I feel slightly guilty about this as I managed to get a pass so I could go with holaholaamigos and toxicpixie, only in sync with me getting an email "You have a pass", Nathan was discovering "No tickets left". So, instead of nice-comfy-limo I will be throwing my bike on a train to Nottingham and either getting back tonight (last train 22:23) or kipping at Chez berrega and coming back tomorrow.

This whole bike/train thing is quite good mind - I had no trouble this morning bringing it to Malvern. Which I can describe as "small" and "near a hill".