June 6th, 2005


A little older...

It's been a good, if relaxed weekend. Friday was spent doing something I've not done for a while, in good company old and new - may it happen more.

Yesterday I went to see Sin City (never mind Clive Owen's acting, watch the pretty production design) and was very jealous of Frank Miller's ability to get his "chicks with guns" fantasy to an audience of millions. Oh, and I went to the gym (this may be unremarkable to some, but to me).

Saturday involved sleeping, tidying, web-programming and nyarbaggytep's birthday do. Latter was a lot of fun - good music, photos of smittumi spinning around the dance floor on his back playing air guitar and suggestions of a wonderful futility weekend away with Chiara (WINOLJ) and some who are...

Most amusing/thought provoking was seeing an old friend there and when he said "How are you?" I just came out with "A little older, a little wiser, a little fatter, a little lazier - but happy".

How have you changed in the last 5 years? How about me? Was I right or can you think of something more accurate/amusing? (if not 5 years then in the time I've known you).

Be honest, my ego can take it.

And the scores on the doors...

Five Ways Roundabout : 21.4 mph
Priory Road : 29.5 mph

I'm slightly peeved about not hitting 30, but no matter how I tried there was not enough resistance in the bike to push it much harder and I was slightly concerned about the Fiat on my tail.

This weeks gig offer is Half Man/Half Biscuit in Wolverhampton on Thursday. Anyone want to come with me? No free tickets at the moment (though if you want to come and can write I can try and swing it but will not know until the afternoon); but I will be driving so am good for a lift (within reason).

Answers on a postcard.