June 9th, 2005


Smug x2

Yesterday evening I waved goodbye to a towel, a pillow, a sleeping bag and a suit - off to London separately from me for a weekend of excitement. I hope I meet up with the bag else my socks are going to be a bit smelly after three days...

I was marginally offended by the idea that someone might "see right through me" and as a result want to have little to do with me. I like to think that I'm actually quite honest and don't obfuscate all that much. Especially with friends. Of course, I might be delusional.

I'm smug this morning for two reasons - first of all because I managed to get out of bed and to the gym by about 7:10, then to today's conference for before 9. I feel virtuous if slightly shaggy and unkempt after leaving my harband in the changing rooms.

Secondly I've got the remote access working properly on these PCs - no challenge to major corporates, but to little old me it's quite pleasing to have access to my home PC and stored email via the mobile phone card.

I know - small things...