June 14th, 2005


Forwards and Backwards

FriSatSun-day were spent in the big smoke with nearly_everyone; much was done; many people were seen and I smiled a lot (apparently this is how you can tell I'm drunk).

There were many highlights like the Imperial War Museum ("I went to the museum. Looked around the Holocaust exhibition. I ate some cake"), but the big event was westernind and pals singing Mozart. There were three parts to the music - but the human voice is a wonderful instrument, and capable of inspiring, exalting and celebrating like nothing else. Has anyone ever written music for voice and Timpani?

Oh, and the banana milkshakes were good.

This coming Thursday is the next Diamond Rendezvous burlesque club in Birmingham. The theme is a little esoteric but I'm planning to go along for a bit. Anyone else interested in joining me?

And go read about Geek Sex - it made me smile and has no naughty pictures.
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