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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
Not at all bad, with reasonable attendance for a Thursday night. Acts were ok, Band was good (though went on a bit). Here are two images. One includes a woman in partial nudity (underwear and tassles - in the name of art) so is behind the cut. It's not pr0n but better safe than sorry.

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Photo pass confirmed for Motley Crue later! Woo! I think.

And now, I'm going to cycle 25 miles to Coventry...


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This now looks more achievable. Although I chose a bakingly hot day; didn't take enough drink or wallet/cash sufficient to buy a drink on the way, I did manage to comfortably cycle 19.44 miles in 1:15:39 (15.4 mph Av/33.5 mph Max).

I know feel sufficiently able to announce contemplation of the C2C Cycle Route of roughly 140 miles from West to East Coast. My tentative plan is for autumn this year, and to take three days over a weekend. Anyone else care to join me?

Might get a new bike first though - something a little lighter where the back wheel wasn't fixed on badly by an idiot.


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