June 18th, 2005


[GPP] Mötley Crüe

Blimey it's hot!

So, despite being promised "One Photo Pass; Guest List +1" last night I ended up with "One Photo Pass; One Guest List" so gave the pass to rjstra and contended myself with just taking photos then going into town.

"Three songs" the man said - then kicked us out after two. This rather threw my plans, but still - I came, I saw, I took some pics. Despite being warned I'd "hate it" I was kinda ok with what I heard, but then I didn't pay money for it, didn't stay long, and had earplugs in.

Enough wittering, some pics and a link below. Hopefully miss_soap will provide a review on Monday, and then I can lay this assignment to bed relatively easily. Oh, and I shot another band who just happened to be in Edwards before the club room opened. Oops - more for the backlog.

Today I am mostly dehydrated.

Motley CrueMotley Crue
Motley CrueMotley Crue

Set at http://www.disturbing.org.uk/portfolio-mc-brum05.htm

Doctor Who

The power of the Internet means that it was mere moments after the finish of the programme before LJ was working hard encouraging discourse, debate and predictions of "Outraged of Tunbridge Wells" going hammer and tongs in the press.

Without giving too much away, or adding anything to the comments I made on peoples journals I was left slightly disappointed. There were some clever moments, I watched, I laughed, I wanted to know what happens next. But it left me a little empty. The ending was too tidy and I was left with more "wtf?" than "Gosh, that was good".

Roll on Series 2 - Collapse ).