June 28th, 2005


Photo Geekery

  • The website redesign is almost complete. www.disturbing.org.uk now has most of a new look, and much smaller "highlight" pages and archives - rather than hundreds of images all fighting for your attention. There's still some work, but comments appreciated on how well it does or doesn't work.

  • I've created an RSS feed from my flickr account which will be pulling highlights from my archives - simonflickr.

  • For a while now I've been running a photo-LJ repeating key parts of this journal, and a bit more - see disturbingorguk.

  • The friends list for this journal is mainly other LJ photo communities and such like. Much of it is not work safe (one of the reasons I keep it separate) - one or two of you might want to bookmark it at http://www.livejournal.com/users/disturbingorguk/friends/.

  • Finally, todays other RSS feed discovery was BetterPhoto.com's daily feed from their photography instructors - see bpinstructors - daily thoughts/opinions on photography.
There - don't say I don't do anything for you ;-)

[GPP] Stokesay Castle - Part 1 (Outside)

On Sunday I went for a pleasant drive with quondam, dreamfire and immerwahr into the wilds of Shropshire. Despite noticing when we got to Stokesay that some &%$! had hit my car on Saturday (another day, another dent) my mood was not dented, and I took advantage of the sunshine to take some snaps.

There are three (small) sets from the day - Stokesay (Outside), Stokesay (Inside) and Clun (which doesn't really have an inside or an outside). More at some point, though the backlog is once again growing.

Stokesay Castle Stokesay Castle
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