August 10th, 2005


Skinny Puppy

Marks... Set... Go!

Out of the house, into another house, out of that house, into another house, out of that house, back to the first house... onto the motorway... and breathe!

I love rushing to gigs in the evening, especially when there turns out to be no rush at all.

So, it was off to Nottigham for some hot Skinny Puppy action. The gig had moved from Rock City to the Rescue Rooms, which filled me with dread after the poor experience shooting Alabama 3 earlier in the year - and unfortunately last night was miuch the same. Hot, crowded, sweaty, no photo-pit with the added fear of having yellow goo and buckets of blood dumped over myself and the camera. In the end it worked out ok - I stood right at the front for most of the set, then fought my way back to get some long shots. It wasn't helped by not having the promised pass on the door - but the door staff were sympathetic and at least let me in the venue; and the ticket I'd bought went to a good home.

The gig? Great. Skinny Puppy are really about massive aural overload - it's more an assault on the hearing at a basic, physical level. There are messages in there, in the projections and the vocals but the communication is the noise. There's a lot of more modern bands that owe a lot to the Skinny Puppy legacy - and in many ways it's a shame that the inventors are not widely appreciated...

Anyway - onto some pictures. Crap light, grotty venue=limited success.

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