October 7th, 2005


Cripes DM!

My four avid readers might recall a couple of weeks ago I was writing and subsequently cutting the end-of-course OU assignment. Initially I thought it went ok, then each time I had cause to look at it I found more errors and mistakes, I thought it wasn't long enough, it didn't make sense, I'd left too much out and so on...

Every time I referenced the marking criteria my expectations dwindled. It was all getting a bit crap in my head.

This wasn't totally a surprise to me, as I wrote it in a rush having applied Japanese Manufacturing Principles and was writing on the train, late at night and while I should be listening to talks in a conference.

Today I got the results - I'd braced myself for a roughly 50% and wasn't overly stressed by this as I only need 40% (thanks to the other marks I had in the past). I almost left the email closed - if I can't read it, it can't hurt me...

Finally, here is the group's results.
Min 47
Max 76
Average 62
2 Merits, 2 Clear Passes, 2 Bare Passes AND NO FAILS (great).

And me? Yep - 76 :-) :-)

I have a Crunchie here - I might just eat it in a bit to celebrate!
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