October 8th, 2005


Technical Trials

Note to self: Great ideas always need a trial run.

Some time ago I saw in a photography book a fantastic panorama along the Thames that was shot across the course of a day. The left hand side of the picture was at night, then as the viewer journeyed along the river the time of day changed too.

What a jolly good idea I thought - take a series of pictures making a panorama in time and space. So I bounced out of bed at 5:40 this morning, collected moral support on the way through South Birmingham and arrived at the Lickey Hills in the dark. Over the course of an hour I took about a dozen shots of South Birmingham as the light improved.

With only a couple of minor problems... Firstly it was so cloudy there wasn't really a dawn to speak of (despite the forecast being slightly more optimistic); secondly the position wasn't very good (which I knew); finally my sensor is very grubby - this isn't relevant at f1.4/1.8/2.8, but at f22 it was very noticeable.

So the results are, pretty much, rubbish :-)

However - I refuse to be daunted. I have some other ideas and will come back to this one in the future.

In the meantime, here's a photo of a camera not-doing-very-much-that's-any-good...

Camera, looking pensive

To cheer myself up, I'm off into town to see Serenity.