November 24th, 2005



After a weekend of Futility I could have been forgiven a couple of nights off, but choosing to put aside such childish things as domestics, I popped into town on Tuesday night to take photos of 360 who describe themselves as "skank" so not knowing any better I'll leave the description at that.

I was nervous leaving my car in the car park, somewhere in deepest Highgate, but fortunately it survived even if my sanity did take a little bit of a battering. I was introduced to the underground rehearsal room scene - this was a building, next to an abattoir, divided up into rooms hired by all manner of bands - walking along the corridor there was indie, rock and jazz pounding out into the shared spaces - what the poor sheep on their last journey made of this I have no idea.

Anyway - the shoot was in two parts - the first was me-taking-photos-of-them-jamming which was easy. Just like a live gig except I was in the middle of them; and the second which was doing some portrait/promo shots. I've got a set of this latter situation to share here. Unfortunately getting the group of the 8 of them all looking even vaguely sensible in the same direction of the same time was hit-and-miss, so here are individual ones.

As the entry on my other blog says, I prefer to think of the background as "interesting" rather than "cluttered" but perhaps it is all in the eye of the beholder.