December 2nd, 2005



If any of you are (mis)fortunate to read UPG you'll see a massive ongoing row over photographs at Whitby. This amuses me for many reasons - primarily because I'm not in the firing line and I've had conversations about doing "press" shots at WGW in the past without any joy; and partly because of the package I just recieved in the post.

Some of you might remember In The Nursery who played Whitby in April this year. I was browsing their site a while back and noticed they didn't seem to be aware of my super photos. So, a quick email exchange and in return for use of my photos I have three CDs of their music.

Ok, so I'm betraying the NUJ by selling out my profession - but to me it's not a bad deal - Art for Art. Well, kind of anyway...

In other news, survived London, spent many hours doing photos and cleared 15GB of photos off my HD so I don't need to buy a new pair quite yet.

Here's a set of photos of Queen Adreena from a couple of months ago... (Click for the full set)

Queen Adreena


I'm having a bad day.

Firstly, I think I've broken the cardinal rule and given a colleague enough information to find this post - so Jean, if you're reading this - Hello :-)

Secondly, I've allowed myself to get wound up. I made a slight cc error on an email earlier and the fallout has left me rather on edge. It's not that I wouldn't say what I said to the peoples faces, but they reacted completely disproportionally and I am completely failing to make them see sense. Plus it's Friday night so sensible people have better things to do than argue with me. So far my favourite phrase used against me has been "crass ineptitude", one extememly heavy implication that my employer should sack me (as if I wasn't going to get a redundancy notice in January anyway) and a great philosohphical disagreement over whether I should be responsible to "the wider public sector" or "my direct employer" when there exists the potential for their priorities to be different.

Earlier in conversation it was remarked that I get more enthusiastic about work than I do about my social life. This might actually be true. Perhaps I need to get involved in a highly politicised hobby. I'm considering joining a camera club.

For now? I'm going to watch a nice calming movie. Brazil is on at the IMAX? I'm there...

And yes, I do appreciate the irony.