March 9th, 2006


Hey-ho, Hey-ho, it's off the slopes we go (again)

However, rather than just some kind of attention seeking exercise I need a favour.

While I'm away I may be getting not-a-big-break by having pictures in REAL Magazine and the somewhat better known NME. So, my problem is that I won't be around to buy a copy of the latter for posterity.

What I could really do with is a volunteer to look through the NME over the next couple of weeks and see if Diamond Rendezvous appears as their "featured club" or similar. If it does, with photos looking strangely similar to some here and here then please buy me a copy!

I suggest anyone able to look at the next couple of issues (I'll be back at the one after that) leave a comment here as while I will reimburse people I don't really want a dozen copies :-)

Now, where's my passport...