June 17th, 2006



Despite heavy hints by Mark Kermode that I should go and see Hard Candy plus recommendations from stelmaria_clg that United 93 had more substance - I went to see X-Men: The Last Stand last night.

I'm not, nor ever will be a superhero freak - there are so many other people who do it much better - but I did enjoy parts of both the first and the second movies. I thought the third one had those "moments" and the set-pieces (like the Juggernaut/Shadowcat chase you've all seen in the trailers) were mostly pretty good, but it was less satisfying and far more mediocre overall than its precursors.

On the plus side it was nice to see the Brotherhood of GothsMutants kept many of the local alternative population in work for a couple of days and despite her make-up looking a bit shoddy, a bit of Mystique goes a long way.

Now I seem to be awake a good couple of hours before I'd hoped - and better start getting stuff ready for this evening's jaunt to Sheffield and Leeds. Somewhere out there there are batteries needing charging! As no self-respecting superhero would ever say.

Oh and if anyone fancies United 93 or Hard Candy next week let me know.