June 22nd, 2006


Teeth Breaking

This was just going to be a post about Hard Candy, but I've somewhat been put off my stride by watching the opening credits to UFO and noticing an apostrophe crime. I can even forgive the clouds of smoke generated from the "underwater" SKYDIVER, but not a misplaced '.

Oh well.

Anyway, teeth crackingly good sweets. If you haven't seen it then do. If you are attached to your testicles then think slightly more carefully, then go anyway. It's not an easy or pleasant film to watch and in many ways is an "almost ran" rather than truly brilliant but it does show how cinema can be done.

The acting is excellent, the storyline is intriguing (rather than engaging) but at the end it throws it all away. I put this down to an american desire for ultimate Black and White over ambiguity and a need for closure. It would have been much braver and more to my taste, if not as neat and tidy, if there had been anagoresis rather than justified righteousness in the final scene.

If that doesn't make sense - go and see the film; if it does - do you agree?
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