July 13th, 2006


WIDATW: Terribly Behind

It always seems to be the way - I have all sorts of good intentions yet only a small number ever seem to make it into reality.

Anyway, first let's rewind time to last weekend. Friday night was like Fight Club. I don't want to say much about it, but needless to say I had an excellent evening being especially naughty, then had crumpets. That's not to say that crumpets can't be naughty, it's just that these weren't especially. At least comparably.

Saturday I got up disgustingly late and drove to Leeds with berrega and kantti to see grufti, ant_girl and nearly_everyone for one of the most relaxed, grown-up parties I've been to in some time. A few hours later it was back on the road and at least I managed to spend more time at the party than driving each way.

Sunday was Doctor Who (better than much of this series even though my eyes and humour remained dry. I'm sure I heard thousands of fanboys explode during the episode though. Then it was off again to London for Nitzer Ebb. I enjoyed the show a lot more than either of the Fixmer/McCarthy or Nitzer shows I've seen before - they seemed to work well in an intimate venue stuffed with fans. Top marks and photos to come, eventually.

This week I've stressed about Orkney, been very happy and seen Johnny Depp. That last point was of course a reference to PotC which I enjoyed - but felt it took a long time to get started and the first half of the film seemed a bit forced.

Now, I have to do some work and stop spending money...