August 3rd, 2006


Ministry, London or Ow! My ears!

Yesterday evening I jumped keenly on a train south to see Ministry at the Forum, Kentish Town. I quite like the venue as it has some good memories but apart from a small section in the third quarter of the gig (plus of course Stigmata) the main thing I got from last night was a headache.

Clearly I yearn for the old days when Ministry played "Industrial Rock" rather than "Thrash Metal". I was just left a bit dead, hot and dehydrated by the experience. Still, the train home was early meaning 1:20am rather than 1:35am into New Street.

Saw names0fthedead briefly but before I could say (in fuzzygoth style) "I know you!" she'd disappeared off into the crowd.

Behind the cut are a handful of pics. Unfortunately the results are a pretty terrible partly due to one of the bodies being set to JPEG rather than RAW after I lent it to lupercal in Orkney. Ooops. Better find out today rather than after the wedding tomorrow...

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