October 9th, 2006


In reverse order...

I've not really updated properly for a while - and while no-one cares other than me I suspect for the sake of my memory I'm going to play catch-up.

Starting with the most recent I'm going to intersperse w*rk today with items of history, starting with the most recent... which was seeing Lacuna Coil last night. At least, I say "seeing" which of course I did - but only for about half-an-hour before I realised I wasn't very interested in what they were shouting so I came home.

The point of course was to take some pictures and there's a small sample behind the cut of what I've done so far for the BBC. The adrenaline was still there, the interest in taking photos was still there - but there is a small cancer of hollowness growing in me. Clearly too much artw*nk - I'm getting all pretentious. Shoot me now!

Oh - and stelmaria_clg - point Ali at this which is the 1.8 version of the 1.4 lens I loaned him last night and about £70 from Warehouse Express.

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