November 2nd, 2006


Today is a good day...

I seem to have a job interview next Friday. It might even be interesting... More on that - probably never... Fortunately this one is in Nottingham rather than Amsterdam but travel time is roughly similar.

In better news, my Sekrit Project has come through - and now the jolly nice people at Music Non Stop and I have come to an agreement for them to sell some of my photo prints. This is all jolly, jolly exciting - and will be even more exciting when I've made back the stock cost. Of course I shall still make more money selling direct but I don't have even a sniff of their reach.

Actually I'm very excited by all this! So go, tell your friends!

Artw**k continues to be amusing - last night I had a seminar on the health and safety risks of hanging a photograph on the wall. Oddly enough it didn't take long...

Still here? Leave a comment and I'll say something nice or nasty about you. Then you can try and guess which I did.

I nearly forgot - if I don't make back the sale or return on the prints with MNS I'll have an excess. So it'll be a CombiChristmas for all my friends and family. And no, the interview isn't for a job as a comedian.


I've just done a 108 question online assessment test where I was asked to rate which was "most" and "least" like me of a series to statements. Some of them were pretty straightforward - others definitely of the style:

Which would you most and least like to strangle?
  • A Cat

  • A Dog

  • An Albatross

  • A Hamster
I am rather intrigued about what it will say about me, but I guess I'll never know. I did seem to end up saying that breaking rules doesn't worry me overly about 25-30 times.

Now, back to writing some procurement documents.