November 8th, 2006


Still hurting

Full write-up, erm, maybe later. In the meantime the weekend - a day early.

Friday I had a night out in Birmingham, back to Edwards no less. It's still as much of a shithole as ever and I still look forward to the smoking ban (whenever that is). Anyway - saw some bands - Acid Tongue (aargh my ears!); Tin Omen (good but still a bit old school); Zeitgeist Zero (didn't work for me) and Mechanical Cabaret (better than I remember and while not challenging were watchable). Then, when Smitt and Phil turned I up I had a little boogie (very little) and then cycled home, without hitting any skips.

Saturday was Kryogenix - for a couple of hours at least - and the start of an ongoing photographic rights row (sigh). I went to the gym and did 5k on the treadmill which was kinda-fun. Very glad I did as walking 5m is currently a little on the painful side.

Sunday, on the train for Black Celebration for 9 bands and nearly 1200 photos. Most of them are absolutely rubbish due to new energy saving regulations which meant they didn't bother having any lights on for most of the bands. In brief... Modulate (really enjoyed); I Am Immune (jury still out but they were having fun); DeathBoy (not my bag, but Jason's strop was very watchable); V2A (hmmm); Knifeladder (liked, worth investigating - whale music for rivet heads); Chaos Engine (didn't do it for me); Psyche (aaargh, where's the exit - but better than Dark City); XPQ-21 (better at Whitby last weekend IMO) and Suicide Commando (better than when I saw them at Infest and actually quite pleasant). Then a run for the train and back ~2am.

One each of the 13 bands from the weekend under the cut. More eventually. Collapse )