November 24th, 2006


Ah - ebay!

The usual story - something I like with a ridiculous price tag. So ridiculous in fact that no-one at all has bid. This says to me that the starting price is perhaps a little too high for the market to bear. I let it expire then contact the seller...

Me: "Hi - I saw the xxxxx you had for sale didn't sell. I'm interested but thought the starting price was way in excess of what I'm interested in paying for such a piece. What are your plans for the camera sale now?"

Him: "hi there thanks for you email but its appears that the xxx to expenssive for you as you cant aford the starting price but thanks for asking regards"

Me: "Well - that's certainly one way of looking at it - another might be that the price is too high for the market! Do let me know if you decide to re-list or offer it at a lower price - where I might be more able to afford it. Thanks!"

In other news - Brummies are invited to go my artw*nk show at the Custard Factory Gallery for the next week and a bit.


As one more weekend looms - another fades into memory. There's not actually very much to report from last weekend - which in itself was lovely as that was the point. There was much nice food; much relaxing and much reading.

My books of choice were Christopher Priest's The Glamour and The Prestige. I'm told the plot of the movie version of the latter is slightly different to the book - but I'd recommend the books - interesting, thoughtful reads - with a sense of the unknown and psychological that reminds me of playing Cthulhu with pax_draconis et al.

Erm, that was about it really.

In other news, gallery opening yesterday (a bit flat but I at least got to argue with the printers) after a dash across the Midlands by cycle and train (which I get to do again in a minute). I am back on my bike though - which is good and means I will at least manage 10 minutes of skiing before I run out of fitness at Christmas. Still, the useful lesson I learned was:

If the shortest route looks like a canal path; and it has been raining - you will get to the meeting literally covered in mud.

I've never been so muddy at a meeting before - though I think I wiped most of it off my face. Today I shall stick to the roads.

While I'm on a roll...

For my own reference - Photography as Poison was interesting.

Photography as Poison. British Library. 14 November 2006.

The Coming of Photography in India
Christopher Pinney

The theme of this year’s Panizzi Lectures explores the practice of photography in India between 1840-1930. Was photography in India simply a void, filled by various cultural and historical expectations? Or can we - beneath the diversity of practices - identify moments that dramatise the limits and possibilities of photography as a supple technology? Provoked by debates around print culture, these lectures explore the difference that photography made. Was it simply a form of“late painting” wholly in thrall to enduring aesthetic schemata? Or did its “indexicality” and mass dissemination create a representational revolution?

Christopher Pinney is Professor of Anthropology and Visual Culture at University College London. His recent publications include"Photography's Other Histories" (co-edited with Nicolas Peterson; Duke,2003) and "Photos of the Gods: The Printed Image and Political Struggle in India" (Reaktion, 2004).



It's good for you health you know. Perfect form of carbon-friendly transport. My employer even (apparently) offers a cycle mileage rate.

Except today when I got to my meeting I couldn't shake hands because my right palm was covered in blood.

I was cycling merrily across campus, it was a little wet but I was enjoying getting another set of clothes covered in mud after yesterday's experiences - and then what I thought was a small puddle turned out to be a pothole. In went the front wheel... where it stopped. Unfortunately it didn't communicate it's change in velocity to the frame, the rider or the back wheel.

So over I went, careering forward on my shins and hands, leaving blood and skin in my wake.

Fortunately the NHS wasn't needed this time and the nice man at the Train station let me wash up and gave me some tissue...

Still - Slimelight confirmed for tomorrow. I wonder if they've put in any lights since I shot SBA et all there in 2004?

Ding Ding! All change!

As a wise man said "Better to make a mistake in Nottingham than in Amsterdam".

So, I'm off to Nottingham. Or at least, I'll be spending four hours a day and money on commuting to a job that pays less than my current one. I'm going to be giving up working my own hours to spend time in an office. I'm going to start wearing a shirt and tie again.

They might even block LiveJournal. Aaaargh!

Nuts? Possibly.

Wish me luck...