August 25th, 2011



I like cycling. I prefer it to running, mind you - there's not much I don't prefer to running. However, moving on...

Over the last few months I've worked out a nice circular route in a local park. Those who follow my runkeeper will have seen occasional comments on the excitement caused by overenthusiastic canines and (perhaps worse?) British Military Fitness groups. These incidents haven't been helped by the cycle lane (part of the National Cycle Network route) through the park being rather dilapidated. In fact, for most of it if you didn't know it was a cycle lane you'd just wonder why there were occasional patches of white paint on the tarmac.

Good news though, some weeks ago the council repainted part of it. Restoring at least, ooh, 1km of lane. However, alongside the bright new cycles was a new addition - the number 5 in a circle. Now, this could be a reference to the cycle route, but I thought I'd better check with the council in case it was supposed to be a speed limit - but surely that would be ridiculous...
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Forget all the problems with education, rubbish, adult social care and other council spending... I demand answers...
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