Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Rude Word/Animal

I was expecting today to be expensive as it's the annual "MOT & Car Service" day, so off I trotted to the garage. Despite having the worst arrangements for Customer Services I've seen I booked in only 10 minutes late. Then the £ signs started to roll.

Before dropping the car off I checked the tools etc. in the boot and noticed that I no longer have a jack. Then I picked out the set of locking wheel nuts (which are a dumb idea for me as I kept them in the car anyway) and found half of the kit missing. I can only assume that last time the car went in for a service, and the wheels had to come off to get new ~things~ the bloody garage didn't put them back.

So it looks like already I'm going to have to get them replaced so I am even able to change the tyre in an emergency. To you sir? About £300 when all is said.

Plus of course the last service goes back a year, and though it was an AA Service Centre - they've all closed.

Bah. Today had better get better.
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