Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Einsturzende Neubauten, Part the first

Wow! Wow! and Wow! again.

At one point in the second set I was trying to work out why I like them and couldn't really work out why, except for some half-formed thoughts about promoting musical ignorance or pretentious/unpretentious tensions.

Whatever the reason, they are an incredibly interesting band - they make noise like no other, and yet project artistic integrity even when some of the instruments is an angle-grinder on a shopping trolley; what looked like a giant slinky spring; and a bass played with a vibrator.

Anyhow, I got there, I got in, I got ejected, I got in, I left of my own accord. They didn't bother setting up a photo-pit so it was a great scrum with normal punters and leaves me 145 shots taken from the same position. Security then had the novel idea of wading into the crowd when they spotted anyone with a photo-pass or big camera and ejecting them through the back door; so then it was around the front and back in with my ticket. Actually I said "I have a ticket" (which I did) but at no point did anyone ask to see it...

Gig minuses were the couple who were making out right in front of me ("Get a room!"), all the people with crappy digicams who were flashing all the time ("Don't waste your time!") and the people who chatted all the way through 2x1 hour sets ("Get a life and save your money, better still - give it to me and talk outside").

Gig plusseds were Yu-Gung, ZNS and Ende Neu. Rockin'

On the train now - eta bed about 2:45 - Bah!
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