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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
For the first time in my life I've been accused of having style! - I'm still mostly in shock. pax_draconis is clearly leading the (rather informal) competition for saying the most nice things about me this year. In a similar vein boglin is leading the equally informal race to cause me the most physical damage...

Anyway, last night was really good fun - though I made two small errors which threatened to ruin it for me - the first was not to drink the cup of coffee I had planned to use to keep awake. As a result I drank a number of cans of Red Bull (though not as many as some) and was still happily awake at 4am, even having eschewed a cup of tea at Boglin Towers in favour of some water and a stroke of veelow.

The second mistake was to continue to remind a certain person of the career suggested to her by "It's a Wonderful Life". Every time I start on it, sober or drunk, I realise how it's going to end. But somehow my mouth runs away with itself. The score was 1-1 yesterday. My left testicle said "Ow" in a squeaky high pitched wail, and the right one said "Yah boo sucks - you missed!".

Edwards itself was jolly good fun - this going out lark is actually quite good fun - and cheaper in Birmingham than London. Now all we need is "B-Movie on Tour" to the West Midlands. Lovely to find an excuse to tell ephraim (through Depeche Mode) that he was "All I ever needed Is here in my arms" and thanks to mrcook for making sure I knew where I should be when. The (rather camp) bar staff even managed to shake the J2O before serving it which seems to be a dying art...

Didn't do a lot today, and the idea of leaving the house filled me with so much dread that I did some housework, but only after the soon-to-be-infamous CS/DoD Clan [Clam] had a second outing. We lost everything we tried - but had a good laugh anyway. Now settled on the sofa recovering from being helpful and attempting to recruit lupercal to the Kings Heath Catering Corp...

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