Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

A Night In? With my Reputation

Last night was German class. I learned how to say "I am a Vegetarian, but I don't expect you to understand". I was also bought dinner and discussed the idea of dinner party that provides "something-to-do-while-many-I-know-are-at-a-handfasting" as well as having the potential to be a lot of fun in itself.

Tonight I'm almost certainly going to be in Oxford for Intrusion. What a lovely club it is, if only it was closer. Fortunately I have three women to take so surely that can't be too bad a deal? You, yes, you in Southampton - you should try it. It's about 3 miles closer for you lot than it is for me.

Tomorrow is Stigmartyr. My carefully crafted setlist is almost complete, after having loaded a couple of albums into an MP3 player and pressed "Randomise".

Erm, gosh, that was a dull entry. Perhaps I'd better see if some coffee will perk me up.
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